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Crypto Mining Rig For Sale | Mining Rig For Sale

Mining Rigs For Sale  there has been a common misconception since the birth of crypto currency, that mining is only profitable on an industrial scale or in countries with minimal energy costs. Mining Rigs For Sale has taken advantage of this common misconception and has allowed many Americans consumers to take advantage of the market. Crypto Mining Rig is a dedicated computer system just for mining crypto where you are paid the fees for all Crypto Mining transactions. Our Mining Rigs For Sale are custom built which are easy to use with a “Plug and Play” system. All our builds come with upgradeable mining hardware, software and coding. Your job is to turn on the machine, look after it and to watch your Crypto grow in your wallet.

Mining Ergo ~ The crypto currency Ergo is based on the Autolykos algorithm, which was updated to version 2 in early 2021. It is based on the PoW concept and can be efficiently calculated by a Graphics Card. When mining Ergo Coins, ASICs have no efficiency advantage over modern graphics cards, which should make Ergo attractive for as many miners as possible. ERG is not an replacement to ETH but in current scenario you can mine this coin profitably. Whether you wish to hold it, sell or convert it to another currency of your choice is completely up to you. In general AMD GPUs outperform NVIDIA when it comes to mining Autolykos algorithm

Best Raven Coin Crypto Mining Rig

Mining Raven Coin ~ Raven coin or RVN is a reasonably new coin that has been introduced. It makes use of the x16r algorithm. The crypto was designed to be ASIC resistant. Other than that, the main selling point of RVN is that it is very much similar to Bitcoin. It doesn’t have any ICO or Pre-mine. Speaking of RVN mining hardware, it is advised that you use an NVIDIA GPU which performs better than the AMD for x16r algorithm.

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Mining Etheruem ~ Ethash is a proof-of-work mining algorithm implemented by the Ethereum network and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Ethash is a upgrade of the previous Ethereum algorithm called Dagger-Hashimoto. Ethash was developed with a strong focus on protection from ASIC. However, in April 2018, first ASIC miners for Ethash were announced, with communities oppositions, opposed the perspective of ASIC dominance in the network it resulted in discussions of “bricking” the devices, which can often happen with technology upgrades. GRAPHIC (VIDEO CARDS) GPU FOR MINING