Delivery charges will depend on your location. However, shipping charges will never exceed a maximum amount of $50

Time varies depending on your location. All items are sent via Express. Usually all deliveries within the United States takes 2-3days and may take longer for some rural areas. All deliveries out of the United States takes 5-7 days.

After you place your order and complete payment by your preferred payment method, we will then proceed to vacuum wrap and seal your package with care and then send to a logistics company or our personal courier, depending on your location. If we do send your package via a logistics company it will be marked discrete and sent via express method. we will then shortly send you a tracking number and logistics link with which you will use to track your website till it gets to you.

Immediately after placing your order, you will receive an invoice comprising of the products and quantity you ordered and thier various prices

We are proud to say no one has been arrested from ordering from our site, we are a discrete and well disciplined organisation However, there are always potential risks involved shipping to non legal drug states and countries, but our clients safety is our top priority so packages are delivered like a gift box vacuumed sealed top discreet no smells.


All our payments are done manually by our clients. as such, we do not have access or information to any of your sensitive bank details and will never deduct a payment directly from your bank account

we accept a wide range of payment methods which incude bitcoin, Zelle, Paypal and Venmo payments

if you are unsatisfied with the product or were delivered the wrong product (which is rare), you can easily write us back for a swap or payment return and we’ll be glad to direct you on how to return or swap the product back and then get the payment you made for the order

You can easily cancel or change your order if you feel like, but can do so within a time range. this time range comprises of the time between the order invoice issuing and receiving the logistics company tracking number

Package tracking is simply a means for you to be informed and in control of your tracking detail. we will send you a tracking number with which you will use to track your website from us to your selected drop-off point